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I'm a British-Caribbean aspiring Sound Designer based in the UK, who likes to spend most of their time smashing things together in attempts to create sounds for video games. 


I've worked freelance on a few projects which include; music assistant with the audio team at Playstation on their VR title, Blood & Truth, and with the team at SIDE, editing dialogue for games like Final Fantasy XIV



Sound Design

Sound Design




PlayStation - Blood & Truth  Music Assistant 


Game Jams

Game Jams

Develop Game Jam 2019


Sink the Pirate ship to protect the pier!

Theme: Brighton pier

Role: Sound Design/Music


Global Game Jam 2019

Precariously navigate your way across the city, heading towards home.

Theme: Home

Role: Sound Design/Music

Escape Studio Game Jam 2017

Theme: Split

Role: Sound Design/ Music

Cross Beat


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